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In heating ducts, the accumulation of dirt and contaminants has been linked to health problems, inefficient operation of a home’s HVAC system, and discomfort. In the smaller duct of your clothes dryer, the buildup of lint and debris creates a severe safety risk.  According to the Consumer Products Safety Commission, a reported 15,600 dryer fires occur annually, resulting in more than $75.4 million in property damage, 370 injuries and 20 deaths. The majority of dryer fires are easily prevented with quick, convenient, and affordable inspection and regular cleaning.

Stay safe with expert duct & dryer vent cleaning service!

4 Seasons Heating and Cooling provides annual duct and dryer vent cleaning to effectively combat potential problems. Our skilled technicians will make sure your dryer operates more efficiently, saving energy, time, and money.  When homeowners across Reno, NV & the Surrounding Areas take advantage of our commitment to quality service, 4 Seasons Heating and Cooling puts over twenty years of experience to work for you.

Consider scheduling dryer vent cleaning if:

  • Dryer ducts have not been professionally inspected and cleaned in the last year
  • Your dryer has a flexible plastic duct
  • Your dryer has a thin, flexible foil duct
  • You use your dryer frequently
  • It’s taking longer to get clothes dry
  • Clothes are damp and unusually hot at the end of drying cycle
  • Heavy towels and jeans are difficult to dry

Why you’re at risk:

  • A blocked dryer vent reduces airflow, causing longer cycles, and negatively impacts energy efficiency.
  • Excess heat, resulting from poor airflow, can ruin clothes.
  • Longer, hotter cycles increases the stress on components, leading to repairs and premature appliance failure.
  • In gas dryers, restricted ducts can cause flue gasses, such as carbon monoxide, to back up into the house.
  • Mechanical failures can trigger sparks which cause the lint trapped in the dryer vent to burst into flames.
  • Lint is extremely flammable.
  • If the duct is coated with lint, there is very real danger of a house fire.
  • Thermostat failure, a damaged lint screen, crushed dryer hose, or nesting from a bird or mouse blocking the vent, increases risk of fire.

Call today to schedule your dryer vent or duct cleaning service!

Homeowners should not consider dryer vent or duct cleaning as a do-it-yourself project.  Ductwork is often difficult to access.  Dryers are often located a significant distance from an outside wall, requiring an extended and complex venting path.  This creates more places for lint to accumulate and animals to nest and hide, yet makes cleaning difficult.  For rewarding results without damage, call on 4 Seasons Heating and Cooling for duct and dryer vent cleaning across Sparks, Cold Springs, Hidden Valley, Spanish Springs & Reno, NV.  Our fully licensed, bonded, and insured technicians utilize state-of-the-art vacuum equipment and in-depth training to properly dislodge the dirt and debris from long vent runs, crevices, elbows, and bends.  Taking advantage of high pressure air and specialized tools, we thoroughly clean the entire length of the vent from the dryer to the outside of the home, protecting safety, efficiency, and long-term performance.

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