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The Environmental Protection Agency recognizes indoor air pollution as one of the top five urgent environmental risks to public health. Indoor air quality directly impacts the health, comfort, and safety of your family.  Exacerbated allergy and asthma symptoms, respiratory tract infections, lung disease, irritated symptoms of psoriasis and eczema, damage to home furnishings, and decreased efficiency from HVAC equipment are all consequences of poor indoor air quality.  Everything from airborne particles to unstable humidity levels are a potential problem, and may require a proactive strategy.

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4 Seasons Heating and Cooling specializes in solutions to home comfort, safety, and health.  We identify indoor air quality problems and provide effective services and products to deliver sustainable improvement.  Employing the latest indoor air quality diagnostic technologies, we target your specific situation and achieve your goals for superior indoor air quality, enhanced comfort, and reduced energy use.  Partnering with the leading manufacturers, we offer a range of premier products, including advanced filters, air filtration systems and whole-home humidifiers in a variety of styles and sizes.  As an ACCA member and Bryant Factory Authorized Dealer, our certified technicians are trained to accurately diagnose and manage any difficulties faced by homeowners across Reno, NV & the Surrounding Areas.

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4 Seasons Heating and Cooling provides AirAdvice IAQ testing across Sparks, Cold Springs, Hidden Valley, Spanish Springs & Reno, NV.  We locate an AirAdvice IAQ monitor, which is approximately the size of a paperback book, in your home for a minimum of three days.  The monitor is unobtrusive, operates quietly, and measures temperature, humidity, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, radon, and airborne particles, taking seven different readings in one-minute cycles.  Plugging into your existing phone line, the AirAdvice generates an easy-to-read, nine to twelve page report of the findings.  Included graphs clearly identify changing pollutant levels and provide a comprehensive understanding of your indoor environment.  The specialists from 4 Seasons Heating and Cooling will then work with you to determine and implement the most practical and beneficial means of improvement.

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